O Shape Climbing Carabiner

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  • 5600 LBS RATING - Capable of withstanding upto 25 kN (5600 lbs force) on its major axis, highly suitable for climbing and safety bearing activities. Apart from these, they can also be utilized to secure items in different day to day activities like car towing, hammock hanging, low height jobs, tree stand safety, etc…
  • MANUAL SCREW LOCKING SYSTEM – Comes equipped with a manual spring locking screw gate that secures and prevents any unwanted opening of the carabiner gate during its use.
  • ALLOY STEEL BODY - Made out of high strength alloy steel, chrome plated, prevents corrosion, suitable for use for multiple heavy duty applications.
  • LARGE SIZED, 'O' SHAPED - Each carabiner measures 4.25" X 2.3" with 0.66” of thickness and has a gate opening of 0.7” - especially suited for rock climbing. The oval shape helps to distribute weight evenly and reduces the chance of weight shifting.